USS Blue Ridge LCC19

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USS Blue Ridge LCC19

Postby dpcmrose » Thu Jun 24, 2010 9:20 am

Served on the Big Blue June 1980 to Sept 1983. Promoted to Senior Chief while on-board. We were in the Operations Dept, We ran the ASIS system. An obsolete and totally worthless system. Noone used it. I loaned out the DPs to NSD Yokosuka and the USS Midway so they could get some IT training.
NAVCOSSACT, Washington, DC
NRTC, Minneapolis
NSD Guam
PAMI CONUS, Bainbridge, MD
PERMIC, New Orleans, LA
NARDAC, New Orleans, LA
EPMAC< New Orleans, LA
USS Blue Ridge, LCC19, Yokosuka, Japan
EPMAC, New Orleans, LA

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