USS Ajax AR-6

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USS Ajax AR-6

Postby swabbie » Mon Apr 12, 2004 5:05 pm

Served on board the old Jax from Nov 67 to Sep 70. Sasebo and the PI were two of the best liberty ports I've ever pulled into.

Dick Kujawa DPC USN (ret.)
NTC,SSC San Diego 5/67 - 11/67
USS Ajax AR-6 11/67 - 11/70
VQ-1 Atsugi Japan 12/70- 06/71
NSD Yokosuka, Japan 06/71 - 09/74
DP "C" System Analyst School 10/74 - 11/74
FCDSSA San Diego Pt Loma 11/74 - 12/78
USS Ranger CV-61 San Diego 01/79 - 01/82
NARDAC North Island 02/82 - 06/86
NAVFINCEN Cleveland 06/86 - 06/88
Richard J. "Dick" Kujawa DPC USN (ret.)
1967 - 88
Andover, MN

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Postby DPC Beebe » Thu Apr 22, 2004 6:58 pm

I served onboard AJAX in 1982 and 1983 and had the pleasure of working on the UNIVAC 1500, including the same CRPI pictured in the photo album section. Outside of being extremely noisy, my favorite memory was when we got a new high-speed line printer. The printer jammed up and when I got it back online, it only took a few seconds for the buffer in the printer to catch up to the processor. The printer started spitting out pages until the buffer was cleared up and then chunked away a line at a time in conjunction with the lights flashing on the CPU.
Dale E. Beebe
DPC, Ret.
NARDAC Washington (1978-80)
USS KANSAS CITY (1981-1982)
USS AJAX (1982-1983)
DPSCPAC PH (1983-1988)

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